Smart Scope

The Smart Scope allows you control your microscope

locally through the joystick, and remotely through the

computer. You can remotely control your microscope

from anywhere 24/7. It has XY and Z control, as well as

LED light control at an affordable price.



  • XY stage 
  • Z movement
  • Electronic circuit
  • Control and connect to computer
  • Joystick controls: XY, Z, LED light
  • Software connected to the internet 
  • Online access for groups to use microscope remotely
  • Auto focus


The Smart Scope is a great educational device, ideal for

Telepathology sample review and consultation, as well as

online group sessions. It’s also a very helpful tool for

university and school students to learn cell biology, and

can be used for trainees and new staff members in

medical laboratories.


How it Works

The Smart Scope is an ad on for existing microscopes that has integrated hardware and software components that give you full

features which consist of: XY, Z , and LED light control. Once you connect the microscope to your computer you can run the

software on your PC. Our online system provides group access to the microscope, capturing images for review, and sharing the

captured images and comments with other users to give feedback and consultations.The system provides session management

and review workflow for online and offline sessions and data review. For local use, the joystick has a three in one combination of

XY, Z and LED light control. This allows you to make your necessary  adjustments while looking through the microscope.

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