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We feel pride in providing innovative solutions to our customers!

Our vision is to use our knowledge, experience, and creativity to deliver highest quality, minimum cost, and best solutions in our products.

The story of Smart Labs started in Calgary, Alberta. It was the year 2009 where one guy with a simple idea began to innovate. He spent hundreds of hours of brain-storming, research and trials to create our first product, the Smart Microscope system . We followed that up with the Smart Vent. Smart Vent is an energy-efficient, affordable product for environmentally-conscious home owners.

Smart Labs are experts in developing smart microscopy systems. With our education product “Smart Scope”, we bridge the gap between the student’s school and home lives by bringing technology integration into schools in a cost-effective way to enhance learning.

Teachers: Our tools enhance and streamline the course development effort as well as the monitoring of student progress.

Students: Our tools enable multiple modalities of learning via gamification, working in groups, frequent interaction and feedback.

Schools: We offer  a budget-friendly approach that easily integrates with existing equipment.

As consultants, our aim is to provide the best service at affordable cost to satisfy our clients’ needs, through searching for the best solution. Moreover, we deliver highest  quality utilizing our outstanding technical experts.

Our main focus is on developing a medical device for clinical laboratories, which is Automatic visual hematology analyzer. More information can be found on the research page.

Our team is composed of highly qualified experts with industrial experience in wide range of innovative technologies. In Smart Labs, our motivation is developing market needed products with end user at focus.

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